American Green Toad 1
American Green Toads are attractive little pets that have a shiny metallic looking skin covered and laced in jet black dots and stripes. They are undemanding, small, and are usually found in pet stores at low prices. These toads max. body size is 2 inches.



These Toads need a 'dry' woodland set-up. A 15 gallon terrarium that is about 24x12x12 in. can house up to 3, just make sure that there is enough hiding places. For a substrate, use sandy soil ( a mixture of 1 part sand and 2 parts soil) at a depth of at least 3", as these toads enjoy digging. Moss or leaf litter can be added to the top of the substrate to give a more naturalistic appearance. Provide hiding places for these toads to rest and thermoregulate ( toads are cold-blooded). Special cork huts, such as the Habba Hut can be used, but a half buried cork tube is more natural looking. Shady areas are required for full viewing of these toads (if it gets too hot, the toads will retreat to their hides). Shade can be made using plants with broad leaves. Temperatures can range from 68-75 F. A spotlight bulb at one end of a terrarium can provide a basking spot. Heating pads can be used to regulate night temperatures. Flourescent light can be used in place of a basking spotlight, and illuminate a clear view of these toads.

Food and WaterEdit

American Green toads will eat small crickets and worms that are available at pet stores. They should be fed about 3-4 every other day, with vitamin and calcum supplements regularly. They are usually diurnal, given time to settle into their habitat. A shallow water dish should be used for drinking water and occasional misting encourages foraging.


Females have a yellowish creamy body and throat, while males have dark gray throats and nuptial pads (small gripping pads) on their first front digits. These toads breed only in pools of water occuring after rainfall. The eggs and tadpoles quickly develop to survive once the pools have dried up. Significant care, space and effort are required to keep these little froglets.