Wild caught balls maybe reluctant to feed.



Ball pythons typically inhabit central and western Africa.


Ball pythons are scientifically known as Python regius. The closest living relative of the ball is the angolan python (Python anchietae). The angolan python is not often seen in the hobby.


Ball pythons can get to lengths of 6' long, but usually stay around 3' or 4'. They adorn earthen colors like tans, browns, and blacks, although there are albino and amelanistic morphs. Usually these snakes have round patterns. When threatened, they will curl into a ball, hence their common name. Balls usually live to around 20, although one was recorded to live half a century.



Ball pythons are savannah animals and need a long, short terrarium to mimic it. A 20 gallon enclosure will work for a juvenile, while a 30 gallon is perfect for an adult. Good ventilation is a must. Ball pythons will do good on a shredded wood (safe), or paper towels. Pine shavings should not be used because they can be lodged in the python's mouth. Low climbing branches will be used by balls, and should be provided.