Blue-Tongued Skink

A Blue-Tongued Skink.

Blue-Tongued Skinks are interesting lizards that are around 20 inches long and live from 10-20 years. They have black stripes and a brown back, along with a distinct blue tongue. These are relatively space consuming pets, and should be reserved for a hobbyist with both space and money.



These terrestrial skinks need a long 40-50 gallon enclosure. Good substrates are aspen shavings and cypress mulch, which is much more naturalistic. A hide box is needed for these docile lizards, and half-logs and rock caves tend to work well. Providing branches and logs will induce exploration, which can decrease stress and prevent these skinks from becoming obese. I suggest re-arranging these components every time you clean the cage to create a new place to explore. Blue-Tongues will need to heat gradients in their terrarium; one side in the 70's and the opposite in the 80's. Also, a basking sight will be needed, mantaining temperatures around the 90's. UVB light is highly suggested to transmit helpful rays to the skink. A bowl of water will allow these lizards to soak, while also keeping humidity stable. This bowl should be cleaned often and easy to get out of.

Food and WaterEdit

These skinks need about 60% vegetable matter and 40% animal based. Collards, dandelions and other nutritional vegetables will amke up most of their diet, while mealworms, crickets, earthworms and mice will make up the animal side. Fresh drinking water should always be available.