Giant Millipede 1
A strange and unique animal, the Giant millipede ids one of the few millipedes kept as pets. They are long and round, and are called "jungle trains" in Africa. They grow up to 10" and live several years. These cute arthropods have a brown body and tons of red legs. Unlike centipedes, whih are quick and aggresive, these gentle giants are slow moving scavengers. They are commonly sold in most exotic pet specialty shops. These are particularly easy to breed and require no incubation.



These terrestrial millipedes need a long, well ventilated terrarium. A 15-30 gallon tank is suitable for a trio of Giant Millipedes. A 1" layer of coarse gravel should cover the bottom, topped with 3-4" of chemical and fertilizer free compost. Leaf litter provides shelter for these secretive arthropods. Live plants will be eaten and fake plants will be attempted to ingest. Large rocks and peices of driftwood are the best options for decor. Humidity should stay between 40-60%. Temperatures should stay between 75-80 F, provided by heating pads. A flourescent compact light will provide much viewing light without raising the temperature.

Food and WaterEdit

Millipedes will eat fruits and vegetables, such as pears, strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce. They will also eat leaf litter. Fruits and vegetables should be kept in shallow dishes, for easy removal. Water can be sprayed with a spray bottle or provided in a shallow, easy to get out of bowl.


Gentle handling will quickly tame these millipedes. They are active at night or in low light conditions. They curl up when disturbed and may secrete a foul smelling liquid. When they are molting, they should not be disturbed. When cleaning the tank, you can place these in a ventilated coveed container filled with compost.


A male and female will actively mate and small babies will soon be present. These soon develop into adults.